Contemporary East Side Condo.

Plush seating, modern patterns and natural materials work in harmony to create this chic, cozy condo on Milwaukee’s East Side. Geometric pattern armchairs help ground the open-concept, neutral-hued main level while a slab granite dining table complements the condo’s stone fireplace accent and interior wall. Bold lamps and one-of-a-kind seating in the bedrooms blend glitz and comfort to extend the cozy-chic décor.


With the husband’s business requiring a temporary move to Milwaukee, these homeowners were looking to fully furnish and stylize their rental condo to be as comfortable as possible during their time in the city. Throw pillows and blankets make the space cozy enough for the couple to relax evenings after work, while functional and stylish accessories give the condo a lived-in quality that was perfect for hosting family and work gatherings.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Location Milwaukee, WI
Area 4, 200 sq ft