Photo of Thoroughly Modern Mequon

Thoroughly Modern Mequon

Classic with an energetic vibe, this traditional home in Mequon invites with exuberant detail, unexpected color and bold lighting that’s adventurous in scale

Photo of Warm and Welcoming

Warm and Welcoming

This redesigned home with its newly open space, bold splashes of color and dramatic wallpaper is beautifully functional and creates the ultimate welcome – where friends, food and family meld together perfectly with the décor.

Photo of Designed for Living

Designed for Living

This home in an established East Side neighborhood is reinvigorated with statement fixtures, neutral-tone finishes and a spotlight on art for an on-the-go couple with a young child and a passion for travel and collecting.

Photo of An Eclectic Home

An Eclectic Home

This traditional style house set on secluded acreage in Mequon is updated so every room becomes a unique showcase for a dazzling eclectic selection of furniture, lighting and artwork.

Photo of Living Easy

Living Easy

This ideal vacation home, perfect for entertaining and hosting guests, displays an appreciation of classic design with added bright whites, modern neutrals and filled with lots of fun, fresh color and panache.

Photo of Literary Lair

Literary Lair

This house renovation refresh in the heart of Fox Point exudes comfort and ease. An exquisite mix of modern and classic style is masterly combined with antiques and heirlooms to create a beautifully eclectic home designed for both entertaining and curling up with a good book.

Photo of Mequon Mod

Mequon Mod

This classic Mequon home is infused with a family’s fresh style. The black and white palette serves as a backdrop for unexpected color and pattern. Details of brushed gold tie it together. Every wall is painted or wallpapered and features the family’s contemporary art collection. Dramatic light fixtures command attention, while cozy seating showcases pieces […]

Photo of High Above It All

High Above It All

Modern meets traditional in this serene master-bedroom suite. Pristine white walls, hardwood floors, cool shades of gray and fittings of polished nickel create a cohesive sense of calm. A contemporary floor plan with built-in furniture and minimal décor enhance the tranquil ambiance. The expansive, luxurious bath offers sublime rejuvenation.

Photo of Cottage Romantic

Cottage Romantic


With a stunning lake view and an interior to match, this deluxe Door County cottage was redecorated to create an even more comfortable and captivating environment.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Relaxing Lakeside Renovation

Relaxing Lakeside Renovation

A trio of styled living spaces gives this open-concept lake home a calming, comfortable character.

Photo of City Glamour

City Glamour

A glamorous oasis in an urban setting, this high-rise condominium redesign represents a fresh start for its owner. The plush furnishings, extraordinary finishes and colorful palette with touches of glamour showcase the open floor plan, excellent light and spectacular views to make a bold impact.

Photo of Kinn MKE Guesthouse. Welcome Home.

Kinn MKE Guesthouse. Welcome Home.

The boutique hotel Kinn Guesthouse in the heart of Bay View is inspired by community. Kinn’s individually designed suites are brought together by a chic lounge for gathering and a state-of-the-art kitchen where guests can prepare their own creations.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Distinctive Style

Distinctive Style

Refreshing these classic interiors led to a home with an overall lighter neutral palette and a more modern aesthetic reflecting today’s contemporary lifestyle and simplifying and heightening the joys of everyday living.

Photo of Well Read

Well Read

This cozy study was created for a family of avid readers. 
The cabinet is dedicated to their collections while the earthy grey neutral tone walls and the floating desk create a feeling of openness in the small space. Sheer window panels add some lush dimension. The show stopper lotus chandelier brings a twist on tradition.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of An Open House

An Open House

This completely renovated house is a neutral-colored haven with tonal variations of blue. The impactful combination of warm and cool colors mixed with bold looks and paired with metallic tones carries throughout the inviting interiors to textiles and furnishings – creating lush layers and décor depth. Daring ebony painted walls inspire subtle hints of black. […]

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Gather at Kindred on KK

Gather at Kindred on KK

Kindred, the signature restaurant at Kinn Guesthouse, is a place to dine together. Locally sourced New American fare is served at communal tables in a rustic-chic environs at this new Bay View favorite designed by Peabody’s staff.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Room for Entertaining

Room for Entertaining

Elegant yet relaxed, this is a warm room designed for gathering. The space is richly layered with rugs, furniture, and textiles and the metallic ceiling gives it a fresh and spirited look.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Lodge by the Lake

Lodge by the Lake

Set on a secluded bluff overlooking Lake Michigan in Mequon, Wisconsin, this home seamlessly interacts with its environs. Remarkable for its design sense and stunning views, the owners’ love for natural materials is evident throughout.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Hiawatha on Star

Hiawatha on Star

What started as a railroad boxcar is now a luxurious lodge in Wisconsin. Set on the original site that marked the end-of-the-line for the legendary North Woods Hiawatha train, this newly built six-bedroom lodge, with its screened-in porch and unique boat house set within a pristine forest, boasts magnificent views of Star Lake.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Contemporary East Side Condo

Contemporary East Side Condo

Plush seating, modern patterns and natural materials work in harmony to create this chic, cozy condo on Milwaukee’s East Side.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Iconic Style

Iconic Style

At home in Milwaukee’s iconic Cudahy Tower, the clean architectural lines, geometric patterns and neutral palette of this exquisite condominium reflect the taste of its owner. Purple, a favorite color, is  repeated lightly throughout providing rhythm and balance to the project. Significant pieces of art and a pair of Art Deco style bookcases make this […]

Photo of New England Family Tradition

New England Family Tradition

Blue and white is a consistent source for inspiration and enduring appeal. In this family room, the classic pairing offers a sense of comfortable elegance, filling the space with freshness and crispness, as well as an air of relaxation recalling waterside retreats, leisurely summer days and seafaring adventures.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Regal Relaxation

Regal Relaxation

Emerald flourishes and gilded finishes give this lakeside Wisconsin living room a royal, one-of-a-kind look.

Photo of House on the Prairie

House on the Prairie

Civilized refinement through a contemporary lens, this unique residence set on a vast prairie with expansive views in every direction accommodates daily living while facilitating the owner’s passions for raising horses and collecting classic automobiles. A modern yet comfortable look prevails throughout resulting in spaces that are beautiful and enjoyable.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Family Friendly

Family Friendly

This cheerful update was created as the perfect retreat for a young family’s four daughters in their classically traditional home. Fresh and sophisticated, bright colors, textures, and patterns breathe spirit into the upper hallway, bed and bath rooms, each tailored to the girls individual personalities and anchored by a shared space designed to inspire sisters […]

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Maritime Classic

Maritime Classic

Transformed from a summer cottage into a full time residence this classic lake house is modernized for contemporary everyday life. Historically inspired details and maritime sophistication celebrate its traditional role as a family getaway for weekend and holiday fun.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of The Great Escape

The Great Escape

Invitingly informal, this Door County weekend house was designed to welcome friends and family throughout the summer. Combining elements of a traditional lake house with Cape Cod style and personal collections while showcasing the views make this a favorite lakeside retreat.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Suburban Residence

Suburban Residence

A truly fun space where both children and adults can feel at home. With a slide functioning as one of the entrances to the room, this is definitely the coolest lower levels ever! Equipped with a giant Lite Brite and activities around every corner, there is no shortage of activities to keep the little ones […]

Photo of Renovate and Refresh

Renovate and Refresh

This jubilant home in a storied Wisconsin village provides inspiration and comfort for a world traveler to refresh and recharge. Geometric shapes echo throughout the contemporary space with an emphasis on detail, color and functionality with an Eastern twist.

Photo of Home Redefined. DoMUS Apartment Homes.

Home Redefined. DoMUS Apartment Homes.

Reflecting a contemporary lifestyle, the thoughtful design of DoMUS captures urban living, tying comfort with sophistication. Inside, vibrant spaces blend seamlessly with quality modern flair. Outside, the community buzzes with social activities.

Photo of Warm Suburban Remodel

Warm Suburban Remodel

Taken down to the studs to revitalize the space, this transitional family room came to life through warm colors and bold textures.

Photo of Erin Hills Golf Course

Erin Hills Golf Course

Rich leathers, wools and twills play off the deep interior finishes in this classically styled collaboration between Wade Weissmann Architecture and Peabody’s Interiors.

Photo of Traditional Georgian Residence

Traditional Georgian Residence

This Georgian Traditional style home was remodeled to make it family friendly yet still maintain a refined feel. Neutral tones with bright accent colors make this home feel warm and welcoming

Photo of Midcentury Lakeside Gem

Midcentury Lakeside Gem

On the Western Shores of Lake Michigan, lies this midcentury, prairie style gem of a home. Although this home was well-maintained over the decades, the house still needed a complete overhaul to accommodate the needs of the client’s, empty nesters who downsized from a 6000 sq. ft. house in which they raised their family, to […]

Photo of Lake Front Tudor

Lake Front Tudor

Youthful flourishes and custom additions give this historic Milwaukee home a refreshingly new look.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Refined Farmhouse Kitchen

Refined Farmhouse Kitchen

Earthy monotones, natural mineral counters and a new center island transformed this Milwaukee kitchen from common to classic.

Photo of Midwest Country House

Midwest Country House

Eclectic, bold stylings define this sprawling countryside home.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Camp Bar

Camp Bar

A northwoods retreat in the footprint of the Milwaukee metro area, Camp Bar taverns fully embrace the style of the Wisconsin wilderness.

Photo of Surburban Chicago Home

Surburban Chicago Home

A cozy, custom breakfast nook and a poised-yet-welcoming dining room are just two of several stunning spaces in this traditionally styled suburban home.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Photo of Pilates Studio

Pilates Studio

Natural light floods this clean, open studio space to create an inspiring mind and body experience.

Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Photo of Contemporary Neutral Renewal

Contemporary Neutral Renewal

Rich walnut cabinets and triangle patterned tiles set the stage for a lively, contemporary home.

Photo of Retro Hawaiian Cottage

Retro Hawaiian Cottage

From the custom cream casings on modern appliances, to vintage table linens and Hawaiian art, this vacation home on the island of Kauai is a 1960s-inspired island paradise.

Photo of Glamorous Suburban Revival

Glamorous Suburban Revival

Mystical details meet distressed elegance in this invigorating first floor update.