A Modern Classic.

This bright, serene starter home in Wauwatosa was designed for a young working professional with crisp grace.


Peabody’s designed this home in Wauwatosa for a young professional who craved a retreat. Facing the challenges of minimum space with easy sophistication, this charming house is tailored, fresh and light. Evidence of the designers cultivated tastes can be discerned in every room, from the living room to the master bedroom, in a series of relaxing destinations meant for serene living. Light neutrals throughout make the small space feel bright and open. The living room, defined by the juxtaposition of the matte black fireplace and white walls, exemplifies the homes pervasive calm vibe, inviting you to relax with a sofa softened with pillows. The dining nook ties the kitchen and living space together. A blue headboard with black and white accents serves as design inspiration for the master bedroom. A charming home with spaces conducive to relaxation, a sanctuary after a busy day.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Location Wauwatosa, WI