Hiawatha on Star.

What started as a railroad boxcar is now a luxurious lodge in Wisconsin. Set on the original site that marked the end-of-the-line for the legendary North Woods Hiawatha train, this newly built six-bedroom lodge, with its screened-in porch and unique boat house set within a pristine forest, boasts magnificent views of Star Lake.


Peabody’s was asked to create a family vacation compound to double as a travel rental with fresh, sophisticated style while evoking an authentic Wisconsin cabin. Wicker and timber furnishings, worn leather, handsome, durable textures and heirloom-worthy pieces lend authentic charm. Navajo-style weavings, antique rugs and cozy quilts make this cabin feel like a haven. State-of-the-art amenities deliver modern convenience. Original boxcar luggage racks and railroad-tie hooks pay homage to the lodge’s unique beginnings. Spaces are arranged for large gatherings as well as quiet relaxed enjoyment of Wisconsin’s North Woods’ rustic refinement.

Designer Peabody's Interiors
Architect Wade Weissmann Architecture
Location Star Lake, WI
Area 4175