Lake Forest New Elegance.

Child-friendly meets high style in this young family’s graceful Lake Forest “Forever” home. With its traditionally-inspired new construction, this French Colonial Revival house fits right in to its prominent location.


Peabody’s Interior Designer Emily Winters conjures an elegant new home, perfect for a young family in the iconic Chicago suburb. The 5000-square foot house is a masterful mix of modern lighting and new classic furniture in time-honored layouts. The carefully chosen neutral palette showcases a dramatic circular staircase. The kitchen centers the action with cozy fireplace seating and windows oriented so busy parents can keep an eye on children playing outdoors. Art from the client’s collection is impeccably incorporated, like the vintage poster distinguishing the home office. The serenity of the master bedroom and adjoining bathroom offers a peaceful escape. Traditional elegance and contemporary living is artfully combined to make a fresh, gracious, family setting.

Location Lake Forest, IL